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Stick Run

Stick Run is a thrilling tunnel adventure game. The player plays as a Stickman lost in a maze of tunnels floating around the world. Run and jump through tunnels trying to find your way home.

About Stick Run

Your Stickman is wandering through bustling cities, vast deserts or even snowy mountains. Help Stick find his way home by avoiding obstacles and moving forward! One wrong move can cause you to fall out of the tunnel and end the game. Keep your balance and react sharply.

Diverse modes

This game challenges you in two unique modes:

  • Discovery Mode: Explore the world of discovery, unlocking new tunnels, areas, and even new playable Stickman characters along the way.
  • Infinite mode: Embark on an endless run, collecting gold scattered throughout the tunnels. Use this gold to unlock more Stickman to keep your game going as long as possible.


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