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Colorful Shape Tunnel

Colorful Shape Tunnel is a creative game where you have to keep your cube alive the longest. Remember that the more points you have, the better you are. This game combines easy controls, endless amounts of content, and thrilling music.

About Colorful Shape Tunnel

To start the game, use your mouse to click anywhere on the screen or use the Spacebar. This structure will pass through the tunnel at a predetermined speed. You must maneuver the block through precise paths so the game can progress. Because your cube is a cube, you will need to direct it through a square gate. You are not allowed to enter any other shaped gate, including circular and triangular.

Game Controls

If you die, the game will stop and you will have to start again. This game plays similar to other endless tunnel running games, where you use the left/right (or A/D) arrow keys to guide your block through the correct portal. Now is your time to demonstrate your professionalism, alertness and speed of thinking. Enjoy yourself!


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