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Tunnel Runner

Tunnel Runner is an adrenaline-pumping game where you will race at incredible speeds. Through a maze of over 1000 varying tunnels, get ready to dodge everything that comes in your path. Navigate through endless tunnels, each presenting new obstacles to overcome.

About Tunnel Runner

  • Pipe Racing: Take your skills to the next level as you race down tunnels and along pipes, avoiding everything that stands in your way. Can you handle the intensity?
  • Mercy Shields: Don't worry, we're not that evil! With mercy shields in place, you'll have a fighting chance to conquer the tunnels without facing unfair obstacles.
  • Progressive Difficulty: Think you've mastered the tunnels? Think again! Our progressive difficulty system will keep you on your toes, ensuring that the challenge never gets old.


Get ready to put your speed and agility to the test as you embark on the ultimate tunnel-running adventure. Are you up for the challenge?

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