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Doodle Arena

Doodle Arena is a casual fighting game but extremely fun as you float under cool water. Dodge attacks, collect orbs to level up and gain power-ups for special abilities.

How to play Doodle Arena

Start by entering a name and pressing "Play". You will transform into a soft but powerful sponge. Each sponge will have a health bar. You need to attack the enemy and deplete their health bar. Collect golden balls because you can increase your level and power. The 7-color rainbow doodles are special powers like "Crazy Mode" and "Invisible Mode" that give you more powerful power to destroy enemies.


Mouse = move

Left mouse / space / enter = fire

Right mouse / W / up arrow = dash


In conclusion, the game offers an engaging experience where players transform into powerful sponges with unique abilities. By attacking enemies and collecting golden balls, players can increase their level and power. The special 7-color rainbow doodles provide additional powers such as "Crazy Mode" and "Invisible Mode" for more effective enemy destruction. With intuitive controls for movement, firing, and dashing, players can immerse themselves in an action-packed adventure.


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