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Gravity Ball Game

Gravity Ball Game is an engaging game about a small ball with the power to change gravity. In the game Gravity Ball, the ball will make a journey and you will help him explore it. Through many hardships, can you help that ball win?

How to play Gravity Ball Game

The game requires you to react quickly. Going through the challenging wooden path, you must quickly click on the ball to change its gravity. Avoid sharp spikes and wooden boxes blocking the way. At the same time, help the ball collect many diamonds to unlock new skills and shapes.

Tips and tricks

  • Patience and persistence: You may encounter many hardships and challenges throughout the game. Don't get frustrated, stay patient and keep trying. With enough practice and persistence, you can help the ball win.
  • Observe the environment: Pay attention to the level layout and plan your moves. Anticipate where obstacles will appear and be ready to change the ball's gravity accordingly.
  • Experiment manipulation with gravity: Try different gravity techniques to see what works best. Switching the gravity at the right moment can make all the differences in navigating a tricky section.


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