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Crazy Tunnel 3D

Crazy Tunnel 3D is an exciting game where the laws of gravity and physics are broken. In this fantasy adventure, you will play as a daring ball, weaving through a dangerous tunnel. Show off your lightning-fast reflexes and win!

How to play Crazy Tunnel 3D

The player's task is to navigate your ball through the winding tunnel. That tunnel is very dangerous, full of obstacles. You need to master your movements. Tap left and right to move the ball sideways. Sometimes, you need to swing it and make precise dodges. As you progress through the levels, the complexity of the tunnels will increase.

Tips and tricks

Develop a keen eye for detecting obstacles in advance, allowing you to plan your evasive moves.

Practice the art of timing your jumps and landings – a split-second mistake can spell disaster.

Experiment with different trajectory styles as you unlock them, finding the one that best suits your play style.

Stay calm and focused, even as the tunnel becomes an ever-changing maze of chaos.

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